A| 12.15.15 |Tuesday (2nd year)


  • Don’t forget to bring in pet food for the student council drive. Win an ice cream party for DCM!
  • CCV Fast Forward (dual enrollment) Fall Semester Graphic Design 2 projects are due 12/18. Let’s meet for an update at 11:10 (quick)
  • Instructors will be finishing employability meetings with each of you
  • CCV Fast Forward (dual enrollment), semester 2: Digital Image Manipulation, Digital Photography and/or Graphic Design I (if you haven’t already taken it). If you are eligible, you may be able to take two.
  • Digital Photo. Final is due Friday. If you want feedback on your contact sheets…. Print and put on the turn-in shelf.
  • Khalil- meet with Ms. Dulleba today during lunch
  • Ms. Papp will be in at 11:15 to do a Do What You Are assessment.

Projects/Assignments/Client Work 

  • DCM Signage. Tom 
    • Finish variations of logo for style sheet. Due EOD today (for real this time, now that you have clarification)
  • SkillsUSA Pin Design. ALL
    • Must be completed before winter break. Turn in first comps EOD today
    • See previous year’s requirements. Remember you are designing next year’s pin. It must read: Vermont SkillsUSA 2016-2017.
  • Digital Photography. ALL
    • Final Digital Photo Pro-signment  Final Submission Due Friday 12.18.15
  • 10609 Stream Light Lantern Parade. Client: Tina Logan. Alexis
    • Finish printing and trimming. Let client know when they are completed
    • Turn in folder for grading
  • 10612 Career Networks Rebranding. Client: Markey Read. Dakota
    • Meeting today; make sure you have all your print materials ready.
  • 10615 Engineering Design and Production Technologies. Client: Robin Lane. Jake
    • Waiting for instructor feedback
  • 10658 Passion 4 Paws Posters. Alexis
    • Email client for confirmation. Give a time, too.
    • Begin developing 11 x 17 poster for Adoption events.
  • 10621 Logo/Style Guide for new small business. Client: Will Bohmann. Khalil
    • Follow up email with Mr. Bohmann, confirming Friday’s meeting and add it to Google Calendar.
  • 10645 Girls Rock VT logo re-build. Client: Gina Mackinnon. Alexis
    • Continue working on logo re-build: composite multiple drum sets together.
    • Download hi-res versions of images once you have a working layout.
    • Begin developing comps for stickers and thank you.
  • 10649 Guidance sheets. Client: Will Bohman. Jake
    • Continue developing first comps
  • 10650. Notecards. Client: Oscar Sanchez. Khalil
    • Have Mrs. P check photo edits
    • After teacher approves edits, save as TIFFs and then email Oscar to request the rest of the paintings.
    • We will photograph the large painting today.
  • 10652. Traveling Guidance display board. Client: Emmy Charron. Alexis 
    • Work with instructor to finish revisions and send to Emmy.
  • 10653. Natural Resources Cider label. Client: Jason Kittredge. Tom 
    • Send PDF of maple candy & cream labels to client (this morning)
    • Cider Label: waiting on instructor feedback
  • 10604. GIV Leave Behind. Khalil
    • see client email and respond. (this morning)
  • 10661. Holiday Soup Labels. Client: John Dowman. Tom
    • once instructor approved print labels
    • Deliver by noon Weds 12/16
  • 10663. VT Phil Winter concert poster, postcards & Ad. Client: Connie Warren. TDB

Upcoming Dates

  • 12.21.15:  Trip to Champlain College
  • 12.23.15-01.03.16:  Winter Break

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