B| 12.08.15|Tuesday


  • CCV Fast Forward (dual enrollment): Graphic Design 1, Digital Photography, Digital Image Manipulation. If you are eligible, you may be able to sign up for as many as two out of the three. Who’s interested in what?
  • CCV Dual Enrollment (additional classes taken on CCV campus): Alayna, Matt, Alex S. See Emmy in Student Services after 11:00 am to register for your class and fill out your voucher form.
  • Selma: repsond to email from Tamara from KSV
  • English today at 11:15 am
  • Pre-tech salsa collaboration after lunch.
  • Second contact sheets due tomorrow for digital photo. We still haven’t received round one from some of you……
  • Job shadow 2015 reminders:
    • professional attire, tool kit/questions, writing implement, ID badge, business cards. Be at the CTE entrance ready to depart at 9:40 am sharp.
    • Tuesday, Dec 8th: Creative Label: Alayna Boucher; Dealer.com: Tyler Cirillo; Catamount Color: Selma Puzic; Pop Color: Alex Susco
    • Wednesday, Dec 9th: Shelburne Museum: Mayla Mashteare; KSV: Keagen Matthieson; Seven Days: Matt Mossey; Catamount Color: Jacob Therrien

Today’s Lesson Plan:

  • Ad Campaign work time:
    1. Finish brainstorming
    2. Choose best concept
    3. Find imagery on thinkstock (download LOW RES versions only)
    4. Develop all copy (find explanations for headline, tagline, sign off, body copy on p. 261 (Graphic Design Solutions)
    5. 3 Roughs
    6. once you have approval… Start building Ad comps to size + scale. Request high res thinkstock images from Ms. V in writing.

Assignments/New today:

  • Thank you cards: delete example of work, and resubmit (please)
  • 3 Questions: To be turned in/stapled to your roughs
    1. Identify your message (complete sentences)
    2. Name your approach (think about the 15 approaches from the book)
    3. Describe your concept (complete sentences)

Assignments/Due Dates:

  • 3 Roughs. Due EOD tomorrow 12.9.15
    • If you are building them digitally, save in Projects/A10 AdCampaign/Comps. Save as: Roughs_initials
    • Save low-res thinkstock images into research folder.
    • Put your name on it and place in hand-in box.
  • A10 | Ad Campaign. See above for details
  • Final Digital Photo Pro-signment
    • Second contact sheet (minimum 20 images) Due EOD Wednesday 12.9.15
    • Final Submission Due Friday 12.18.15

Assignments/Past Due:

  • Script a thank you to Dan Senning. 12.07.15
    • Using Google docs, write a thank you to Dan for his professional etiquette presentation. Make sure to include something you learned or that inspired you.
    • Print and place in the hand-in box.
  • Thank you card 12.07.15
    • save in Assignments/Thank You Cards.
    • Print and place in hand-in box
  • Brainstorming Assignment 12.05.15
    • Put your name on it, place in the hand in box (if you have more than 1 staple together)
  • Developing the approach 12.05.15
    • Print, put your name on it & place in hand-in box
  • Digital Photo 11.20.15
    • First contact sheet (minimum 20 images)

Upcoming dates:

  • 12.7.15- 12.18.15 Job shadows
  • 12.8.15- Pre-tech Salsa poster collaboration with DCM @12:45
  • 12.16.15. and 12.17.15 MMU student visit days
  • 12.21.15 Champlain College Visit
  • 12.23.15-01.03.16 Winter Break

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