B| 12.08.15 |Tuesday (2nd year)


  • Jake: out on CWE/Coop
  • CCV Fast Forward (dual enrollment), semester 2: Digital Image Manipulation, Digital Photography and/or Graphic Design I (if you haven’t already taken it). If you are eligible, you may be able to take two. Who’s interested?
  • CCV Dual Enrollment (additional classes taken on CCV campus): Alexis and Khalil. See Emmy in Student Services after 11:00 am to register for your class and fill out your voucher form.
  • Khalil and Dakota: Senior portfolio meeting with Ms. Dulleba tomorrow (Wednesday) at noon, lunch provided- room M116. Dakota: email Ms. Dulleba to schedule an alternative time to meet.
  • Tom: Senior portfolio meeting with Ms. Dulleba Thursday at noon, lunch provided- room M116.
  • 2nd contact sheet due tomorrow for Digital Photo. We still haven’t received the first round from some of you……

Projects/Assignments/Client Work 

  • DCM Signage. Tom 
    • Run on large format printer with Ms. Vaida.
  • SkillsUSA Pin Design. ALL
    • Must be completed before winter break. Turn in first comps as completed, EOW if possible
    • See previous year’s requirements. Remember you are designing next year’s pin. It must read: Vermont SkillsUSA 2016-2017.
  • Digital Photography. ALL
    • Final Digital Photo Pro-signment
      • Second contact sheet (minimum 20 images) Due EOD Wednesday 12.09.15
      • Final Submission Due Friday 12.18.15
  • 10609 Stream Light Lantern Parade. Client: Tina Logan. Alexis
    • Make final tweaks (leading in heading), get teacher approval and send to client.
  • 10612 Career Networks Rebranding. Client: Markey Read. Dakota
    • Be ready for this morning’s meeting. Print out fresh copies of all pieces.
  • 10615 Engineering Design and Production Technologies. Client: Robin Lane. Jake
    • Waiting on instructor feedback.
  • 10658 Passion 4 Paws Posters. Alexis
    • Waiting for client response. Craft follow up email today.
    • Begin developing 11 x 17 poster for Adoption events.
  • 10620 Business card. Client: Dave Sharpe. Tom
    • Finish note cards and then email Mr. Sharpe.
    • Prep file for grading and submit.
  • 10621 Logo/Style Guide for new small business. Client: Will Bohmann. Khalil
    • Waiting for instructor feedback on next round of logos.
  • 10645 Girls Rock VT logo re-build. Client: Gina Mackinnon. Alexis
    • Continue working on logo re-build.
    • Begin developing comps for stickers and thank you.
  • 10649 Guidance sheets. Client: Will Bohman. Jake
    • See instructor either this afternoon if you are back from your CWE or Wednesday AM
  • 10650. Notecards. Client: Oscar Sanchez. Khalil
    • Finish email to Oscar (first thing) and begin photographing paintings 
  • 10652. Traveling Guidance display board. Client: Emmy Charron. Alexis 
    • Work with instructor to finish revisions and send to Emmy.
  • 10653. Natural Resources Cider label. Client: Jason Kittredge. Tom 
    • waiting for feedback from instructor.
  • 10659. EHS Band Tickets/Poster. Client: Heather Finlayson. Khalil
    • Update files on the server.
    • See instructor about poster design. First comp due EOD Wednesday 

Upcoming Dates

  • 12.21.15:  Trip to Champlain College
  • 12.23.15-01.03.16:  Winter Break

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