A| 11.20.15|Friday


  • Johnson State College admissions presentation @ 10:00 in CTE conference room. Check out their Media Arts program
  • equipment return: cameras; Matt, Tyler, Sergei, Alayna, Apollo, Brian and Belma. Laptop/flash: Tori
  • CCV Drawing class canceled today
  • Pam meet with Ms. Wilson @ 1:55 in her classroom
  • Alayna camera return @ 1:50
  • Cookie gathering @ 11:30….maybe some team pictionary…..Ms V’s card game….

Today’s Lesson Plan:

  •  Stationery/Letterhead/Resume:
    • Print and turn in for proofing
  • Business Cards: Ms. V will continue to work with one pod at a time to print and cut (on the commercial cutter)  your business cards
  • Check Gradebook for missing assignments; plan on completing prior to break
  • General clean-up
    • personal workstations
    • common areas in lab
    • 2 volunteers needed to hang skateboards (must have all work turned in)
  • Begin building your Thank You card

Assignments/New today:

Assignments/Due Dates:

  • Job shadow information cards.
    • save in Assignments/Job Shadow Info Cards was due EOD 11.19.15  save in Assignments/Stationery
  • Final Digital Photo Pro-signment
    • First contact sheet (minimum 20 images) Due EOD today. Print, put your name on it and place in the hand-in box.
    • Second contact sheet (minimum 20 images) Due EOD Wednesday 12.9.15
    • Final Submission Due Friday 12.18.15

Assignments/Past Due:

  • Digital Photo pro-signment proposal. Due date: 11.12.15
  • A is for….  Due date: 11.12.15
    • Print: 1. Print as booklet from Indesign (duplexed), do not fold/trim. Staple in the corner 2. Print as booklet from Indesign (duplexed), fold, staple in the center & trim.
    • save in semester one/assignments/alphabet book. Make sure you update your Imageography
  • Photography: Portrait Due date: 11.04.15. 

Upcoming dates:

  • 11.23.15 -11.27.15 Thanksgiving Break

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