A| 11.6.15|Friday


  • Interested in a job? check out this position Graphic Designer Position at UPS Store, Essex. If you are interested contact Mrs. Papp
  • CCV Drawing
  • Wireless has been dodgy in the afternoons, expect it will happen again and be proactive (Command S is your best friend)

Today’s Lesson Plan:

  • Accuplacer @ 10:00
  • A is for worktime: If you have completed your eight letter pages then:
    • In AI: Add 3 additional artboards;  1 for front cover, 1 for back cover and 1 for about the book page. Begin designing the pages.
  • DAM (digital asset management) check-up’s

Assignments/New today:

Assignments/Due Dates:

  • Sketchbook #7 was due yesterday 11.05.15. Place in hand-in box
  • A is for…. first comp of Illustrator pages was Due EOD Today 11.05.15 If you lost your Wi-Fi yesterday afternoon you will not be penalized for incomplete comps, you get an additional 45 minutes. Print, staple and place in hand-in box
    • save in semester one/assignments/alphabet book. Make sure you update your Imageography

Assignments/Past Due:

Upcoming dates:

  • 11.12.15 & 11.13.15 CTE Community Service Days
  • 11.16.15 DCM job shadow bus tour @ 9:40
  • 11.23.15 -11.27.15 Thanksgiving Break

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