B| 10.26.15|Monday


  • Last Monday in October, winter is coming…
  • Spirit Week: today/Pink Day. tomorrow/School Pride (home school or CTE)
  • Quarter 1 ends on Friday 10.30.15: Check gradebook for missing work. NTHS criteria

Today’s Lesson Plan:

Assignments/New today:

  • Due before lunch: Using the color in motion website Color in Motion. Go to the lab and complete each of the 3 project options:
    • Direct a Scene. Print completed scene
    • Star Manager
    • Kaleidoscope- have fun
  • Color Mood board. Due EOD Wednesday 10.28.15
  • Sketchbook #6: Alternative Color Wheel due BOD Thursday 10.29.15

Assignments/Due Dates:

  • Read in Publication Design, Chapter 3, Using Color Effectively, pages 51-56 and stop at Establishing a Harmonious Color Palette. Due BOD Monday 10.26.15 (TODAY)
  • Layered Type Portrait  New Due Date: EOD Wednesday 10.28.15
    • save in semester one/assignments/Illustrator/layered type portrait
  • Photography: Portrait Due date EOD Wednesday 11.4.15

Assignments/Past Due:

Upcoming dates:

  • 10.23.15-10.30.15 Spirit Week
  • 10.30.15 End of Quarter 1

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