A| 10.08.15|Thursday


  • Paperwork for CWEs?
  • EHS: EHS students are expected to be at CTE 10/14. If you need a ride home, you may sign up in the CTE office the morning of 10/14. Also, there is an alternate schedule on 10/16 for the Pep Rally
  • English @ 11:15 am

Today’s Lesson Plan:

  • Everbody check Gradebook. Your first priority is to complete any PAST DUE (or incomplete) work.
  • Once you are done with your work, you can watch a movie and/or play games.
  • All assignment due dates have been shifted see dates below.
  • The sketchbook assignment is homework over the break. Make sure to print your photo today and tape it into your sketchbook, so you can work on the drawing portion at home. It is due at the start of the day on Tuesday.

Assignments/New today:

Assignments/Due Dates:

  • Sketchbook Due BOD Tuesday 10.13.15
  • Read: Exploring Publication Design, Chapter 4 p. 83-89. Start with Using Type Expressively. Due before lunch on Tuesday 10.13.15
  • Type “Self-Portrait” Due EOD Tuesday 10.13.15
  • Photo Edits… Due EOD Tuesday 10.13.15
  • The Chair Due EOD Monday 10.19.15

Assignments/Past Due:

Upcoming dates:

  • 10.9.15 and 10.12.15 No school for students. EXCEPT, CCV Drawing (must provide own transportation to class)
  • 10.14.15 Offset House tour
  • 10.15.15 Student Council meeting  (cancelled)
  • 10.22.15 Lyndon State College presentation @ 9:45

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