Digital Photo | The Chair

This is a bigger assignment.

We have already begun considering how composition, point of view, depth of field and movement can all have an impact on making a successful image. This assignment is meant to help you push yourself to take an ordinary object and make it interesting.

  • Pick a chair.  Any chair.  New, old, upholstered, metal. Now make at least 40 images of that chair.
  • Each image MUST be different. Move around the chair, up and down.  Hold the camera over your head and point down.  Lay down on the ground and point it upward.  Back away or get close.
  • Consider what is happening in the background. You are responsible for everything that ends up in the frame….
  • DO NOT THROW AWAY ANY IMAGES IN YOUR CAMERA.  We learn from our mistakes.

Completion of assignment: at least 40 well-exposed images. No duplication. Creativity in composition. Variety of camera angles.

Submission:  Assignments/Digital Photography/The Chair

  • Digital: a pdf contact sheet of all photographs and THREE carefully edited high-res jpegs.
  • Print the contact sheets (4 x5) + three edited images (Max. size). Staple all together and submit with your name.

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