A| 10.02.15|Friday


  • Employability/Citizenship meetings this week and next until we finish for all DCM 1 students
  • Paperwork for CWEs due this morning AM
  • equipment return: Pam, Selma, Alex S, Belma
  • Seniors: optional college meeting at 10:00 a.m
  • CCV Drawing is cancelled today, check your email for your assignment. NEXT Friday, CTE is not in session, remember to plan ahead and arrange transportation to/from CCV
  • If your type quiz was a D+ or below you can re-take quiz on Monday
  • If you have post-it note, please read and follow through. Missing work will be NTI (unless you were absent)
  • Pam meet with Mrs. Papp at 9:45 in DCM
  • Remember that your photo assignment is due BOD Monday!

Today’s Lesson Plan:

  • Foundations of Design: Type
  • Skateboard: meet with instructor + have sketches ready; Pam, Kegan, Tori, Brian, Apollo, Alayna
  • Aperture & Shutter assignment: If you are not here this afternoon make sure you shoot this morning

Assignments/New today:

  • a short reprieve, no new assignments today

Assignments/Due Dates:

Assignments/Past Due:

Upcoming dates:

  • 10.7.15 Shelburne Museum tour
  • 10.9.15 and 10.12.15 No school for students
  • 10.10.15 Offset House tour
  • 10.15.15 Student Council meeting
  • 10.22.15 Lyndon State College presentation @ 9:45

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