Digital Photo | Assignment: Aperture and Shutter

Shoot minimum 50 images. Experiment with:

  • Aperture/ Play with depth of field (selective focus). Try using many different aperture settings for the same image to see the effect. Experiment with distance from subject. How does distance from subject impact the effect of aperture.
  • Shutter/Play with motion. Try shooting with a fast shutter to stop motion, a slow motion to create blur. What happens if: the camera is moving but the subject is not? the camera is still, but the subject is moving? Both are moving? If you zoom while taking a slow exposure photograph?


  • minimum 50 images
  • RAW file format
  • Manual mode (you control both aperture and shutter)
  • Import images into your LR catalog and print out a contact sheet to turn in with your name on it.
  • Save pdf contact sheet in Assignments/Digital Photography/ Aperture and Shutter

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