B| 09.25.15|Friday


  • Women Can Do: deadline is today, Friday (online application, printed permission form)
  • Employability/Citizenship meetings this week for all DCM 1 students (these will be picked up next week)
  • Tyler, Brian, Alex S. need to set up their LR catalog with Mrs. P next week
  • Progress reports close today
  • Happy Friday

Today’s Lesson Plan:

  • Digi Photo: contact sheets (postponed till next Monday)
  • Skateboard:
    • set-up digital folder
    • research & sketches
    • Template: Workgroup/Skateboard deck/copy and paste Command C/Command V into your folder

Assignments/New today:

Assignments/Due Dates:

  • Make a contact sheet from first shooting Assignment, Exposure. Save pdf on server in Assignments/Digital Photography/Exposure. print (put your name on back) & place in hand-in box. Due EOD Monday
  • Digital Photo Assignment, Point of View….
    • Shooting Due BOD Monday
    • Contact Sheet Due EOD Monday

Assignments/Past Due:

  • Design Principle Poster Save as: PDF smallest file size, place on server & print (put your name on back) & place in hand-in box & printer is up and running. Was Due EOD yesterday
  • Contemporary Designer Poster print (put your name on back) & place in hand-in box. was Due EOD Monday 

Upcoming dates:

  • 9/28/15 Career assessments with Ms. Papp at 10:00 in DCM

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