B| 09.11.15|Friday


  • Collect DCM paperwork (resource contract & electronic policy) from Alayna
  • Announcement: Beginning Monday, September 28, parking enforcement will begin. Students parking on campus during the school day must purchase a parking permit. Failure to display a parking permit may result in the vehicle being ticketed and/or towed. If students are interested in purchasing a permit, they should see Mrs. Connolly in the CTE Main office
  • CCV Drawing class:
    • Bus departs @ 9:20 sharp!
  • Quiz (for real) raster & vectors. Alex R + Jacob
  • Belma & Selma laptop return

Today’s Lesson Plan:

  • Re-take design elements quiz. Yes, this one counts
  • Complex shape assignment
  • Work morning:
    • individual self directed work morning. See due dates below and manage your work flow based on due dates and your schedule.

Assignments/Due Dates:

  • Quiz re-take on  Exploring Publication Design reading (pages 37-42)
  • DBI Shapes Assignment. due EOD today
    • Print on letter size paper, turn on marks & bleeds
  • Pen tool Assignment
    • PAGE 1 & 2 only was was due last week! Please print, staple and put turn in, last chance for credit
    •  re-submission are due today, Practice makes perfect
    • Page 3 (Fish) due EOD: Today. Print put your name on it and put in hand-in box
  • Graphic Design Categories Poster
    • Revisions due EOD Monday
  • Complex shape assignment. Due EOD Tuesday

Upcoming dates:

9/22/15 CTE Opening Assembly @ 10:00. Wear your CTE T Shirt!


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