B| 09.09.15|Wednesday


  • Collect DCM paperwork (resource contract & electronic policy) from Alayna
  • Camera return; Belma and Selma
  • Evacuation drill at 10:50
  • Announcement: Beginning Monday, September 28, parking enforcement will begin. Students parking on campus during the school day must purchase a parking permit. Failure to display a parking permit may result in the vehicle being ticketed and/or towed. If students are interested in purchasing a permit, they should see Mrs. Connolly in the CTE Main office
  • Student Council; anyone else? Meeting tomorrow at 12:00 in M116 lunch provided
  • CCV Drawing 1 students: If you did not have your Social Security # last week, make sure to stop up in Student Services to see Ms. Emmy ASAP, so you can register for the class
  • First sketchbook assignment! Woo-hoo!
  • CTE administration introduction @ 10:00 in DCM lab

Today’s Lesson Plan:

  • Quiz (for real) raster & vectors
  • Pen tool review, layers, strokes & fill with fish
  • Reading
    • Design elements: Exploring Publication Design read pages 37-42. Stop after imagery. Due BOD tomorrow
    • Shape: Design Basics Index: Read page 125 and 130-131. Complete before starting shape assignment
  • Illustrator: Shape tools, bleed and art board tool

Assignments/Due Dates:

Upcoming dates:

9/11/15 CCV first drawing class. Be on time with your supplies

9/22/15 CTE Opening Assembly @ 10:00. Wear your CTE T Shirt!


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