A | 08.28.15| Friday


Phew, we made it through the first week!

  • Pam, we need your CTE paperwork packet
  • Signed student handbook: DUE this morning
  • Ms. Emmy (guidance) will be here at 9:45 to introduce herself, and to meet with interested CCV Drawing students to schedule Accuplacer (Alex S.- check in with an instructor quickly at the start of class)
  • Student ID photos in Student Services @ 11:00 + setting up cafeteria accounts, if needed. 
  • Pass out sketchbooks.
  • If you have a dSLR camera that you plan to use for Digital Photography, bring it on Monday!

Today’s Lesson Plan:

  • Networked Accounts:
    • if there is a nameplate file on your new desktop, please first move it to the server: groups/workgroups/nameplates2015
  • Finish up Hieroglyphics
    • group discussion
  • Intro to Illustrator:
    • Digital Asset Management: What is Graphic Design folder/imagery folder in Assignments.
    • Document Set-up: tabloid size, intent for Print. Naming protocols for files (use initials!)
    • Type Tool + Color: Fill/Stroke.
    • Placing images/resizing
  • After lunch:
    • make a nameplate if you haven’t yet.

Due Dates:

Upcoming dates:

  • No School Monday, Sept. 7 (labor day)

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