A | 08.28.15 | Friday (2nd year)


  • If you have a dSLR camera that you plan to use for Digital Photography, bring it on Monday!
  • Khalil: Meet with Mrs. Wilson at 10:55 am
  • Photos for IDs in Student Services @ 11:00 am. Taylor, see Emmy while waiting for your new photo!
  • Jake: see instructor briefly at the start of class.
  • Who gets to bring their laptop home tonight???  You may not take your laptop home until ALL paperwork is signed and returned (handbook, packet, GD forms)

Projects/Assignments/Client Work (in order of priority) 

  • Design Studio Business Cards.  Client: DCM (Design & Creative Media). ALL
    • You will each design a BC for yourself as a designer for the Design Studio.  Include the contact information provided on the blog, including hours + phone #.  Also include your email address.
  • 10603. Graphic Design Program Re-Brand (Design & Creative Media). ALL
    • Begin research and ideation and sketches.
  • 10601. Natural Resources Re-brand. Client: Jason Kittredge.
  • 10602. CTE Meet & Greet. Client: Theresa Sorrell.
  • 10605. CTE Rebranding. Client: Tracey Brown & Robin Perlah/Bob Travers.
  • 10604. GIV Leave Behind. Client: Annie Schneider.
  • 10608. CTE/Sending School Poster. Client: Bob Travers
  • 10609. Stream Light Lantern Parade. Client: Kim Desjardins
  • 10610. CTE Business Card Rebranding. Client: Tracey Brown & Robin Perlah/Bob Travers
  • 10611. CTE T-shirt Assembly Poster. Client: Linda Dulleba
  • 10612. Career Networks Rebranding. Client: Markey Read
  • 10615.  Advanced Mechanics/Mechatronics (future CTE program). Client: Robin Lane

Upcoming Dates

  • Monday Sept. 7th NO SCHOOL (Labor Day)

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