A| 06.09.15 |Tuesday


  • It’s the final countdown….
  • Take home presentation boards and other work you might want to keep. Don’t wait till Wednesday (that means your work MUST go home TODAY!)
  • English today at 11:15
  • 10:30 Kyle White presentation
  • The final student council meeting for this year will be held today at 12:00 in room M116
  • Hom student services- 11:15-12:15, if needed.

Lesson Plan:

  • GD Housekeeping
    • Check in books + color wheels + tools
    • Make PDFs of all project work.  Save whatever work you want to take home on a flash drive (See Ms. Vaida if you need a flash drive)
    • Clean workstation, clean monitor, remove your own work from the wall. Recycle files you do not need. Printed Projects/Prototypes in good condition may donated to the classroom as samples.
    • DO NOT delete Project/Assignment work off of the server
    • DO delete all personal files off of desktop/server
  • Output 8 ½ x 11 prints of all web portfolio pieces for your portfolio book. (process book and other prototypes (like CD booklet) can go in side pockets) You will get your portfolio book when your tools/books are checked in and your workspace is clean. 
  • Secret of Kells, movie time with Ms Vaida 10:30-12:15

PAST DUE Assignments: (They were ALL DUE last Thursday)

  • Thank you to Dan Post. 
    • After you complete your presentation, please write a thank you note to Dan on your GD designed stationery thanking him for his presentations, and reflecting on one thing that you learned from him that you were able to use in your presentation. 
  • Face to Face:
    • Use drawing paper and a variety of pencils with different hardnesses to get a wide range of values.

Upcoming dates:

  • June 10:  Recognition Practice in the AM
  • June 10: Recognition ceremony
  • June 11/12: Make up days

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