B| 06.03.15 |Wednesday


  • Today’s presentation schedule:
    • Nate, Taylor, Jonah, Chad, Shauna
    • When the person before you leaves the presentation room, you may get ready in the hallway. Wait until you are asked to come in.
  • Bookjacket voting is open until June 4th.
  • Check out your library book today if you need it for Thursday’s presentation/ Return your book to the library as soon as you are done presenting.
  • Recognition tickets will be distributed today
    • Each student will initially get five (5) tickets.
    • There will be opportunity on Thursday and Friday to receive more, depending on how many are left. Students who wish to have more than 5 tickets should see Mrs. Robert in the main office on Thursday morning.
  • No printing during presentation period.

Lesson Plan:

  • Final Portfolio (see updated Portfolio page for dates and documents)
    • Store mounted pieces along the shelf in the back of the room in the order in which they will be presented (first one on top), along with any/all samples & prototypes.
    • Presentation practice:
      • Wednesday (after lunch): McKenna


  • Thank you to Dan Post. DUE EOD Thursday
    • After you complete your presentation, please write a thank you note to Dan on your GD designed stationery thanking him for his presentations, and reflecting on one thing that you learned from him that you were able to use in your presentation. 
  • Project Z-11: Personal Timeline. DUE EOD Thursday
    • See design brief for details.
  • Face to Face: Due EOD Thursday
    • Take your photograph this morning before lunch and send it to the hold queue (named: facetoface_initials). Ms. V will print by the end of the day. You can begin drawing tomorrow.
    • Use drawing paper and a variety of pencils with different hardnesses to get a wide range of values.
  • English essays
  • GD Housekeeping:
    • Make PDFs of all project work.  Save whatever work you want to take home on a flash drive (See Ms. Vaida if you need a flash drive)
    • Clean workstation, clean monitor, remove your own work from the wall. Recycle files you do not need. Printed Projects/Prototypes in good condition may donated to the classroom as samples..
    • DO NOT delete Project/Assignment work off of the server
    • DO delete all personal files off of desktop/server
    • Check in books + color wheels + tools

Upcoming dates:

  • June 5 Bookjacket Reception
  • June 10 recognition ceremony

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