B| 06.03.15 |Wednesday (2nd year)


  • Recognition tickets will be distributed this morning. Make sure to come into the First Year lab when admin comes down, please.
    • Each student will initially get five (5) tickets.
    • There will be opportunity on Thursday and Friday to receive more, depending on how many are left. Students who wish to have more than 5 tickets should see Mrs. Robert in the main office on Thursday morning.
  • No printing during presentation period.
  • Laptops will be collected EOD Monday June 8th. Please see Ms. Vaida if you need a flash drive.
  • Workstations must be left in the condition that they were when you came. Please organize, recycle, take home work.
  • Server: Update your personal server folder with all project work from this year (make sure it is in GD2 folder). Delete any personal work or Design Studio work that is in your personal folder on the server. DO NOT touch the jobshop folder files (unless it is the clean up a job you have not yet been assessed on)
  • Make PDFs of any/all work you would like to take with you (can be either project work or Design Studio work).

Projects/Assignments/Client Work:

Bookjacket Project. KeanaDUE EOD Thursday
  • Output/fit remaining books, bring them to the library to be wrapped and deliver to Ms. Quinn.
Project Z-11. Personal Timeline ALL. DUE EOD Thursday
Drawing Project. Face to Face. ALL. DUE EOD Thursday
  • Face to Face: Use drawing paper and multiple pencil lead hardnesses
  • Take your photograph this morning before lunch and send it to the hold queue (named: facetoface_initials). Ms. V will print by the end of the day. You can begin drawing tomorrow.
Final Portfolio ALL
  • Chad & Shauna present Wednesday June 3rd
  • Final Portfolio Documents/Timeline
    • Mounted pieces must be stored in order that they will be presented in stacks on the shelf in GD2 along with any prototypes or samples. The teachers will make sure that they are ready for your actually presentation.
10502 Building Technology Trailer Wrap. Chad.
  • Waiting on client approval. Email Mr. Travers and ask for feedback (see instructor)
10573 CTE Logo Rebrand Meghan
  • organize/print/mount comps on artboards to show process. This is due EOD Thursday. 
10504. Pro Foods Rebranding. Client: John Barton. Logo due Q1. Chad.
  • finish PDF and send to client. Due EOD Thursday.
Upcoming Dates:
  • June 5 first year bookjacket reception
  • June 9 2nd year lunch with instructors
  • June 10 recognition ceremony

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