B| 05.26.15 |Tuesday


  • Welcome back; final portfolio take 2
  • Bookjackets are on display in the library. Voting is open until June 4th. Go check them out and vote…….they look awesome!
  • 12:15 in student services: Alexis, Jake, Alex, Jayson and Taylor you have a lunch meeting  with Ms. Vera. We will dismiss you for lunch @ 12:00, grab a sandwich and take it to student services.
  • No English today, we will explain

Lesson Plan:

  • Final Portfolio (see updated Portfolio page for dates and documents)
    • Portfolio mounting: process & practice
    • Portfolio presentation: choose your 6 pieces. Write the introduction, bullet points for each piece (remember to elaborate on 3 of the pieces) transitions from piece to piece and conclusion. Due BOD tomorrow


  • CCV Dual Enrollment Project work: was due Friday. Please print final versions and submit folder with all supporting documents in hand -in box. Thanks.

Upcoming dates:

  • May 27 CVU science NECAPs
  • June 1-4 portfolio presentations
  • June 5 Bookjacket Reception
  • June 10 recognition ceremony

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