A| 05.18.15 |Monday


  • Happy Monday

Lesson Plan:

  • Portfolio Box website; let’s take a look see & set up accounts.
    • DO NOT set up an account until your appointed time!
    • DO NOT upload files until you have received further instructions.
  • Final Portfolio (see updated Portfolio page for dates and documents)
    • Wrap up revisions. Remember to work from original native docs.
    • Check printer selection for proper printer (C60, NOT 252) when revising old work
    • Build process book: 8×10 booklet w/bleeds. Must include comps, thumbs, research. Also must include written comments/reflection to explain the requirements, your concept, audience, design choice and how they changed over time. Use the scanner as needed.
    • Any student needing art direction, print comps and give to instructor.


  • Final Portfolio
    • Process book due EOD tomorrow
    • Revisions should be completed by EOD tomorrow
  • CCV Dual Enrollment Project work:  Final submission will be May 22nd

Upcoming dates:

  • May 22 Digital portfolio due
  • June 1-4 portfolio presentations
  • June 5 Bookjacket Reception
  • June 10 recognition ceremony

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