B| 05.06.15 |Wednesday


  • Dan Post Senning returns tomorrow for a presentation on presenting. Please make sure you are on time and ready to go in the morning.

Lesson Plan:

  • If you have not given us a clean copy of your Bookjacket (print: scale to fit with marks). Do so first thing this morning.
  • Desk clean up: gather/organize all your project folders (we will launch Final Portfolio on Friday)
  • product label work time.


  • Product Label 
    • Finish concept (research & thumbnails) and begin digital comp.
  • CCV Dual Enrollment Project work: Revisions based on instructor feedback due no later than Friday May 8th. Final submission will be May 22nd.

Past due: 

  • Product Label: was due EOD yesterday
    • Resource: Measurement conversions (inch—>point size)
    • Build/fit templates for box/label: Template with quantity statement, set with proper point size. Print template (to size and scale). Make sure indicate area of PDP.  Cut and fit to vessel. Must get teacher sign off! 
  • GD2 Step-Up Day Label (Khalil, Taylor, Jake)
  • CD Project 
  • Snowboard

Upcoming dates:

  • Make up job shadows. Dates to be determined: Mckenna, Alexis, Kyle W. 
  • Dan Post-Senning presentation: May 7th @ 10:00
  • Student Council meeting: May 7th @ noon
  • transition meetings for juniors returning to CTE (Lynn Vera); May 12th @ 9:45-11:00 am

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