A| 04.27.15 |Monday (2nd year)


  • Welcome Back. We are in the home stretch; seven weeks left in the school year!
  • A moment of silence for the tragedy in Nepal. How can we help?

Projects/Assignments/Client Work:

 CCV project work (GD1/DIM/GD2). ALL
  • Missing from Shauna + Meg
Bookjacket Project. ALL
  • 4 Comps (one of each book) was due before break.  (use authors bio from Shauna’s on all books.)
10589 Dental Thank you cards. Keana
  • Prep files for submission + grading. Put on Ms. V’s desk.
10586 EHS Prom tickets. Meg
  • waiting for client reply
10580 VT Phil Spring. Chad
  • Prep files for submission + grading. Put on Ms. V’s desk.
10579 Natural Resources Maple Syrup Sticker. Meg
  • Finish revisions & send first proof to client. 
10567 GD Recruitment cards Chad
  • Revise PC #4.
10573 CTE Logo Rebrand Meghan
  • continue to work on comps
10558. Girls Rock Vermont promotional postcard. Client: Linda Bassick. Shauna
  • waiting for client reply.
10508. Recognition Wayfinding Signage for Rink (large format). Client: Bob Travers. Meg
  • see Mr. Travers today(!!!!) bring a pencil, pad and measuring tape
10583. Recognition Invitation. Client: Bob Travers. Meg
  • make needed revisions. send revised postcard and ticket to client for approval.
  • Update numbers for invites, programs, tickets. See Ms. V- she is finding out from the office.
10525 LF Prints. Sarah Knight. Meg
  • Send final pdfs to get approval to run.
10504. Pro Foods Rebranding. Client: John Barton. Logo due Q1. Chad.
  • duplexed leave-behind: prep files for printing; 50 of each design, 200 total.
  • menu template: waiting for client.
10514  Winooski Valley Park District posters. Meg
  • Revise posters as soon as you have photos
10513. Education Consulting Logo/Identity. Client: Mike Deweese. Keana
  • Email templates for both letterhead and envelope. (done, I think?)
  • Prep file for grading, put on Ms. V’s desk.
10550. CNS Print Materials. Client: Scott Fay. Shauna.
  • see email from Ms. V. Meet with Ms. P and send email to Scott.
10502. BT Trailer Decals. Client: Jim Gilmartin. Chad.
  • Instructors will forward the estimate to Mr. Gilmartin.
10503. Non Trad Poster. Client: Lynn Vera/Bob Travers. Due date TBDKeana
  • Get clarification from Mr. Travers around numbers.
  • Meet with Ms. Vaida re: print numbers, sizes, and frames needed.

Upcoming Dates:

  • Dan Post-Senning presentation: May 7th @ 10:00
  • Markey Read, resume workshop: May 12th @ 10:00

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