A| 04.27.15 |Monday


  • Welcome Back. We are in the home stretch; seven weeks left in the school year!
  • A moment of silence for the tragedy in Nepal. How can we help?
  • Make up job shadows. Dates to be determined: Mckenna, Alexis, Kyle W. 
  • Champlain College: Game studio career day. presentation 11:00-12:30 (Jonah, Khalil, Kyle W, with Ms. Vaida). Leaving CTE at 10:30, returning at 1:00. Only if you are in good standing with work completion!

Lesson Plan:

  • Bookjacket client meetings begin this week. What to expect?
  • Late project amnesty day! This means that you have until the end of today before it is considered LATE. See sticky notes and Past Due list for details.
  • Work on Job Shadow presentations (Wednesday + Thursday)
    • Design 11:15-11:45 am
    • Production 11:45 am- 12:15 pm


  • Job Shadow presentations
    • One per job site. Work together in groups.
    • See guidelines in your packet. Make sure you cover all the essential information
    • Make it personal, interesting and engaging.
    • Make it visually appealing (we are designers, after all)

Past due: 

  • GD2 Step-Up Day Label
    • Make a PDF (smallest file size) titled by your name and place in folder on server
    • Print and place in hand-in box include your name
  • Bookjacket
    • completed comp; art directed & approved by teacher.
    • Ready for client meeting; print & place in hand in box
  • CD Project
    • prototype assembled + folder submitted for grading (with flat uncut copy of files);
    • make sure to replace all placeholder text with real copy. 
  • Snowboard
    • revisions (save as comp2) ready for Dennis (place smallest file size pdf in folder on server/groups/workgroup/snowboard)
    • project folder submitted for grading;
  • CCV Dual Enrollment Project work
    • at least a comp should be turned in for teacher feedback;
  • Job Shadow Unit
    • Job Shadow thank you emails. One for each host. Get instructor to proof before sending. Print from gmail and submit for credit (cc: Brown, Perlah, Papp)

Upcoming dates:

  • Champlain College: Game studio career day (Jonah, Khalil, Kyle W, with Ms. Vaida) Tuesday April 28th 10:30-1:00
  • Dan Post-Senning presentation: May 7th @ 10:00
  • transition meetings for graduating seniors (Cari Papp); May 5th @ 10:00- 12:15 pm
  • transition meetings for juniors returning to CTE (Lynn Vera); May 12th @ 9:45-11:00 am

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