B| 04.17.15 |Friday


  • Job shadows:  Mckenna, Nate, Jake, Jonah, Griffen. Make-ups after break: Mckenna, Alexis, Kyle W. 
  • Job shadow Reminders:
    • see Weds lesson plan. if you don’t know by now, we have a problem
  • Big Change Round Up cookie and milk party!
  • English 11:15
  • Student Council members are asked to help to deliver cookies and milk to the programs who won the Big Change Roundup competition this Friday at 11:00 (that’s you Nate!). Meet outside of Professional Foods. Student Council members will then have a brief meeting in room M116 from 11:30 until 12:00.

Lesson Plan:

In the sprit of job shadow and SBAC chaos; all current work is due before you leave for APRIL BREAK.(that’s today! YAY!)

This includes:

  • GD2 Step-Up Day Label
    • Make a PDF (smallest file size) titled by your name and place in folder on server
    • Print and place in hand-in box include your name
  • Bookjacket
    • completed comp; art directed & approved by teacher.
    • Ready for client meeting; print & place in hand in box
  • CD Project
    • prototype assembled + folder submitted for grading (with flat uncut copy of files);
    • make sure to replace all placeholder text with real copy. 
  • Snowboard
    • revisions (save as comp2) ready for Dennis (place smallest file size pdf in folder on server/groups/workgroup/snowboard)
    • project folder submitted for grading;
  • CCV Dual Enrollment Project work
    • at least a comp should be turned in for teacher feedback;
  • Job Shadow Unit
    • Job Shadow assignments/dates
    • Complete Job Shadow packet while on shadow.
    • Job Shadow thank you emails. One for each host. Students going out on Friday, April 17th, can send that email when they return from spring break. Get instructor to proof before sending. Print from gmail and submit for credit (cc: Brown, Perlah, Papp)

If you have finished everything, we will set up a movie in the production room. Please respect the need of people to work in the lab.


Past due: 

Upcoming dates:

  • April break: 20-24th
  • Dan Post-Senning presentation: May 7th @ 10:00
  • transition meetings for graduating seniors (Cari Papp); May 5th @ 10:00- 12:15 pm
  • transition meetings for juniors returning to CTE (Lynn Vera); May 12th @ 9:45-11:00 am

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