A| 04.16.15 |Thursday (2nd year)


We are trying to wrap up as many loose ends as possible in the Design Studio before leaving for break.
Please make sure to go through the list carefully and wrap up each job to the best of your ability before working on Project work!!!! If you need help, ASK

Projects/Assignments/Client Work:

CCV project work (GD1/DIM/GD2). ALL
  • print out and submit work before leaving for break.
Bookjacket Project. ALL
  • update authors bio: replace existing authors bio with Shauna’s on all
  • 4 Comps (one of each book) due before break
10589 Dental Thank you cards. Keana
  • have client approval, set-up print document and print 25. Due Today
10586 EHS Prom tickets. Meg
  • waiting on client response. Send follow up email today.
10580 VT Phil Spring. Chad
  • Prep files for submission + grading. Put on Ms. V’s desk.
10579 Natural Resources Maple Syrup Sticker. Meg
  • Finish revisions then send first proof to client. 
10567 GD Recruitment cards Chad
  • PC #3 Print 25 today.
  • Revise PC #4.
10573 CTE Logo Rebrand Meghan
  • continue to work on comps
10558. Girls Rock Vermont promotional postcard. Client: Linda Bassick. Shauna
  • Script response to email re: Logo + number of cards (cost is 20¢ per card)
10508. Recognition Wayfinding Signage for Rink (large format). Client: Bob Travers. Meg
  • see Mr. Travers this morning(!!!!) bring a pencil, pad and measuring tape
10583. Recognition Invitation. Client: Bob Travers. Meg
  • make revisions based on PC size. send revised postcard and ticket to client for approval.
  • Update numbers for invites, programs, tickets. See Ms. V- she is finding out from the office.
10525 LF Prints. Sarah Knight. Meg
  • See client email; one new quote and two small corrections
  • We need to send her a quote for the posters we have and get approval to run. How many posters?
10504. Pro Foods Rebranding. Client: John Barton. Logo due Q1. Chad.
  • duplexed leave-behind: bring new comps to client & get numbers for quantity.
  • menu template: get instructor feedback and bring sample to client.
10514  Winooski Valley Park District posters. Meg
  • see newest email. begin designing the series. What photos do we need?
  • Get quote from Ms. Vaida to send to client.
10513. Education Consulting Logo/Identity. Client: Mike Deweese. Keana
  • Change of plans we will run letterhead 1500 & BC 1000, and will let him know we can’t run envelopes.
  • make a word template for both letterhead and envelope TODAY (see Ms. V for instructions)
  • Email him with quote for letterhead/BC and update re: envelopes.
10550. CNS Print Materials. Client: Scott Fay. Shauna.
  • see email from Ms. V. Meet with Ms. P and send email to Scott.
10502. BT Trailer Decals. Client: Jim Gilmartin. Chad.
  • waiting on estimate from Yipes, send reminder email
10503. Non Trad Poster. Client: Lynn Vera/Bob Travers. Due date TBDKeana
  • Clean up files/selections. Add contrast to the background for Kodi and sharpen image. Print and show to instructor, then print and deliver newest comps to Mr. Travers. How many prints would he like? How large?
  • We need to print/frame copies for the models.

Upcoming Dates:

  • April break: 20-24th
  • Dan Post-Senning presentation: May 7th @ 10:00
  • Markey Read, resume workshop: May 12th @ 10:00

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