A| 04.14.15 |Tuesday (2nd year)


  • CCV GD1/GD2/DIM students: project check-in with an instructor
  • Print your resume and place in hand in box. Due EOD Today
  • Meg meet with instructor to review LSC portfolio requirements

Projects/Assignments/Client Work:

Bookjacket Project. ALL

  • update authors bio: replace existing authors bio with Shauna’s on all
  • art direction: see comp and make revisions
  • Comps due before break

10589 Dental Thank you cards. Keana

  • waiting on client response

10586 EHS Prom tickets. Meg

  • waiting on client response

10580 VT Phil Spring. Chad

  • have client OK, print’em
  • Do not submit for grading until program is complete

10579 Natural Resources Maple Syrup Sticker. Meg

  • Meet with instructor to explain revisions. Spellcheck. Make revisions then send first proof to client. 

10567 GD Recruitment cards Chad

  •  PC #3 build comp. For images Use PS, IA Wacom tablet, digital camera icons Text; should include a quote (something about taking the first step) Due EOD ToDAY

10573 CTE Logo Rebrand Meghan

  • continue to work on comps

10558. Girls Rock Vermont promotional postcard. Client: Linda Bassick. Shauna

  • see email from Samara she has sent another logo. Check to see if this logo has better resolution. If so, switch logo
  • see email from Linda, add:address, phone and website under contact info.
  • We still need quantities from Linda

10508. Recognition Wayfinding Signage for Rink (large format). Client: Bob Travers. Meg***

  • see Mr. Travers this morning bring a pencil, pad and measuring tape

10583. Recognition Invitation. Client: Bob Travers. Meg

  • check postcard size & if an envelope is needed.
  • send revised postcard and ticket to client for approval

10525 LF Prints. Sarah Knight. Meg

  • See client email; one new quote and two small corrections

10504. Pro Foods Rebranding. Client: John Barton. Logo due Q1. Chad.

  • style guide – waiting for instructor to proof
  • duplexed leave – place new imagery and get instructor feedback.
  • menu template – continue refining design as a InDesign file. Once you have approval from teacher, build interactive PDF.

10514  Winooski Valley Park District posters. Meg

  • waiting client feedback (see email)

10513. Education Consulting Logo/Identity. Client: Mike Deweese. Keana

  • Waiting on Village copy for revised estimate
  • waiting on estimate from Pop Color (Mike) envelope: 250, letterhead 1500, BC 1000.
  • make a word template- see Ms. V

10550. CNS Print Materials. Client: Scott Fay. Shauna.

  • waiting on client response
  • Deanna, get estimate from Creative label

10502. BT Trailer Decals. Client: Jim Gilmartin. Chad.

  • waiting on estimate from Yipes, send reminder email

10503. Non Trad Poster. Client: Lynn Vera/Bob Travers. Due date TBDKeana

  • smooth out selection on Karissa, re-color background on Kodi. Print and show to instructor
  • We need to print/frame copies for the models.

Upcoming Dates


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