A| 04.08.15 |Wednesday (2nd year)


  • Don’t forgot Penny Wars ends today
  • CCV GD1 students: project check-in with an instructor

Projects/Assignments/Client Work:

Bookjacket Project. ALL

  • Bookjacket
    • review all comps and decide on theme for series
    • instructor will have text corrections to you today. In the meantime use non-proofed text

10588 ATB 4.16.15 labels

  • see either email or digital folder for food descriptions and create document

10586 EHS Prom tickets. Meg

  • develop poster and ticket first comp.
  • have instructor review comp and send comp to client by EOD

10582 Lynn Vera Business card. Keana

  • Business card amount 200. set up production files and print (once you have instructor’s permission)

10580 VT Phil Spring. Chad

  • waiting for client response
  • Do not submit for grading until program is complete

10579 Natural Resources Maple Syrup Sticker. Meg

  • finish comps, work with instructor and then send out first proof to client. First comp due EOD today

10567 GD Recruitment cards Chad

  •  PC #3 . Build comp. For images Use PS, IA Wacom tablet, digital camera icons Text; should include a quote (something about taking the first step)

10573 CTE Logo Rebrand Meghan

  • Continue developing comps

10558. Girls Rock Vermont promotional postcard. Client: Linda Bassick. Shauna

  • Check email (waiting on client feedback on first comp)

10508. Recognition Wayfinding Signage for Rink (large format). Client: Bob Travers. Meg***

  • see email for update on content

10583. Recognition Invitation. Client: Bob Travers. Meg

  • make revisions was due before lunch on Friday

10553. Guys Can too. Client: Donna Robert. Keana.

  • see email; project is on hold.

10525 LF Prints. Sarah Knight. Meg

  • As client sends more content, continue to develop.

10504. Pro Foods Rebranding. Client: John Barton. Logo due Q1. Chad.

  • style guide – waiting for instructor to proof
  • duplexed leave – waiting for client to send new images. Text has been proofed by instructor
  • menu template (see sample menu in job folder). Menu template will be developed as an interactive PDF in Indesign

10514  Winooski Valley Park District posters. Meg

  • 2 versions due before lunch today

10513. Education Consulting Logo/Identity. Client: Mike Deweese. Keana

  • Get estimates from Village copy (info@villagecopy.com) & Pop Color scott@popcolor.biz. envelope: 250, letterhead 1500, BC 1000. Due EOD Today
  • Have Ms V make internal estimate for letterhead and BC’s
  • Record numbers for BC and letterhead on job folder
  • Make a word template- see Ms. V

10550. CNS Print Materials. Client: Scott Fay..

  • check email and revise labels (do not use Comic Sans)

10502. BT Trailer Decals. Client: Jim Gilmartin. Chad.

  • Finish Prepping file with instructor (make slug, see CNS folder for template) send file to Yipes for an estimate-

10503. Non Trad Poster. Client: Lynn Vera/Bob Travers. Due date TBDKeana

  • Print out new comps for instructor to art direct
  • We need to print/frame copies for the models.

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