A| 04.6.15 |Monday


  •  job shadows: Kyle D and Khalil out. Tomorrow: Alex, Mckenna and Jonah  Reminders:
    • bring lunch, dress professionally, bring job shadow packet & pen
    • make sure you have your bus driver’s name & phone number (ask Ms. Papp or the driver when you get on the bus) and the  program phone (879-5594)
    • be at back door at 9:35 SHARP (you will see either Ms. Vaida or Ms. Papp)
  • Penny Wars….don’t forget money and food
  • Recognition awards application deadline 4.10.15 (you can’t win any scholarships without)
  • GD2 Step Up Day participants- product label due EOD Friday 4.10. Make a PDF (smallest file size) titled by you name and place in folder on server
  • Lunch for 11th graders 11:20-11:50
  • SBAC practice test: 12-2:05
  • Ms. Perlah will be in at 11:00 am

Lesson Plan: 

  • Job Shadow Unit
    • Emails & Resume: Jonah must send resume/email before you leave today
      • PRINT BOTH email & resume and turn in for grading
      • Check email and let instructor know if you have received confirmation
    • Complete Job Shadow packet while on shadow.
  • Bookjacket:
    • First comp: If you are a student that was out Friday for the SBAC practice test you have until tomorrow, Tuesday EOD to hand in the bookjacket.
    • While you are waiting for the content on the flaps to be proofed, you may use the un-proofed copy to build comp
  • CD project due 4.10.15 (next Friday)
    • Jewel case; print comp/cut to make sure it fits in jewel case
  • Snowboards
    • Feedback from Dennis Healy is in! Check it out… There is a pdf with comments in Groups/Workgroups. Read your comments and start working on the next comp. Make sure to save your revisions as comp_02. (SAVE AS….)


Job Shadow Unit/ Emails & Resume:

Using the Job shadow contact listJob Shadow assignments/dates

  • Resume revisions needed from:  Jonah
  • email: subject-  Job shadow. cc: cpapp, tbrown, rperlah
  • resume: smallest file size. title PDF as your first/last name, attach to email
  • PRINT BOTH email & resume and turn in for grading

Past due: 

Bookjacket first comp

Upcoming dates:

  • Job shadows: April 6-17th
  • SBAC testing: April 6-17th
  • April 14th: drawing journal due
  • April break: 20-24th
  • Dan Senning-Post presentation: May 7th @ 10:00

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