A| 04.2.15 |Thursday


  • collect job shadow paperwork from Hom, Alexis, Griffen & Alex
  • Dakota- laptop return
  • Battery chargers: reminder do not leave chargers plugged in over night. If your batteries are not charged buy the time you leave, unplug and re-plug in morning.
  • Early lunch today: 11:40-12:10
  • Penny Wars….don’t forget money and food
  • Sarah Peters meet with Cari Papp @ 1:00 in GD

Lesson Plan: 

  • 10-11  author Matt de la Pena presentation in auditorium
  • author visit in GD @ 12:15-12:45 (early lunch 11:40-12:10)
  • CD project due 4.10.15 (next Friday)
  • Bookjacket:
    • Flaps: make text revisions and re-submit (include original jacket and the first type version EOD today place in hand- in box
    • copy & place text into your ID document. In addition to any type correction, re-format italics and bold type.
    • complete first comp due EOD Friday


Past due: 

Upcoming dates:

  • April 14th: drawing journal due

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