B| 04.1.15 |Wednesday


  • collect job shadow paperwork from Jayson, Hom, Alexis, Griffen & Alex
  • Kyle C and Kyle W to VANG with Mrs. Papp. Leave GD @ 9:50
  •  Step Up Day Assignment, please make sure your name is on it and place in the hand-in box
  • The Penny Wars last until 2:10 on Thursday, 4/9. There will be a penny box in front of the main office for collection. Here are the rules:
    • Donate pennies only to the group you belong to.
    • you can reduce the amount earned by other groups by adding money besides pennies to their box.
    • Also this year, Student Council is coinciding a food drive with the penny wars. Bring in a non-perishable food, and student council will add 1 cent per ounce to your programs box. The food for pennies exchange ends Wednesday 4/8. Each program should set up their own donation box for the food exchange.

Lesson Plan: 

  • Job Shadow assignments/dates
    • Copy & paste your resume onto your Graphic Design letterhead. Do a save as, make formatting changes and print out a copy for an instructor to proof. Once approved, make a PDF (smallest file size)
    • Using the Job shadow contact list, Script email to job shadow hosts. Email must include; an introduction, confirmation on day and time of your job shadow, subject line:job shadow and include the PDF of your resume
  • CD project due 4.10.15 (next Friday)
  • Bookjacket:
    • Flaps: make text revisions and re-submit (include original jacket and the first type version EOD today place in hand- in box
    • copy & place text into your ID document. In addition to any type correction, re-format italics and bold type.
    • complete first comp due EOD Friday


  • Step Up Day project: complete label and PDF. Place in folder in workgroup. EOD Monday 4.3.15

Past due: 

Upcoming dates:

  • April 14th: drawing journal due

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