A| 03.23.15 |Monday


  • Kyle W. CCV
  • Kyle C and Griffen: see instructor about tablet
  • Student Climate Survey 10:00-10:30 am

Lesson Plan: 

  • CD project
    • create digital file (see post-it notes in file for art concept approval from instructors). Track time.
  • Book jacket  project. (you should have finished reading last week)
    • Begin Research & Question Sheet: Find three versions of your cover online, print and keep in bookjacket folder
    • create a google doc for front and back flap bookjacket content (book description & author’s bio).  Print & paper clip to original bookjacket place in hand-box. DO NOT share the google doc with instructors.
    • begin thumbnails; 3 for front cover and 3 for back cover


  • Drawing Journals; due March 24th (required minimum average of one drawing per week. We are looking for depth + breadth + variety)

Past due: 

  • CD project (pandora) Concept was due last week. Should include:
    • Thumbnails for front & back of CD
    • Research sheet
    • CD worksheet
    • Printed dummy (duplexed and folded with marks/bleeds. Dummy should have rough thumbs sketched directly on it indicating layout of CD booklet)
    • In one paragraph, describe how the integration of the type and visuals you chose for your CD will enhance the listeners experience with your CD (Graphic Design Solutions Chapter 10/Packaging Design. Pages 229-250)
  • A is For….  was due last week. Will marked “nti” if not in EOD today
    • Print 1 booklet (duplexed & with marks/bleeds, uncut)
    • Print/trim/staple 1 booklet.
    • Make sure to include your imageography (paperclip everything together)

Upcoming dates:

  • Friday, March 27th: End of Quarter 3
  • Thursday, March 26th: National Technical Honor Society
  • Tuesday, March 31st: Step Up Day

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