B| 03.12.15 |Thursday


  • Big Change Round Up continues; tomorrow is the last day.
  • Visitors: 2 Cosmetology 1 students & NEASC committee. Please welcome our guests.
  • The Pandora work around is here. If it doesn’t work for you the first time, quit Chrome and try again.

Lesson Plan: 

  • Indesign: booklet + master pages. Set up dummy/ prototype for CD, print out (use for layout).
  • CD project work time: focus on research sheet + completing worksheet first. Then begin thumbnails for front and back of the CD case (3 of each). Once you finish all your research and concept development work, you may begin building your front & back cover.


  • A is For…. 
  • CD project
  • Read your book for book jacket project!
  • Drawing Journals; due March 24th (required minimum average of one drawing per week. We are looking for depth + breadth + variety)

Past due: 

Upcoming dates:

  • Friday, March 20th: 10:00 in the Auditorium – Guest Speaker, Colin Ryan
  • Friday, March 27th: End of Quarter 3
  • Tuesday, March 31st: Step Up Day

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