B| 03.6.15 |Friday


  • Jayson laptop
  • Big Change Round Up continues. Give the change from your pockets to support the Children’s Hospital.
  • CTE applications due TODAY!!! #1 complete a teacher recommendation form and give to your program instructor. #2 complete the CTE application.
  • National Technical Honor Society induction letters were sent home to nominees, we still need to follow up with a few of you.
  • Snowboard update: waiting for client feedback
  • English @ 11:15 am

Lesson Plan: 

  • Book assignments for upcoming Bookjacket project


  • Read your book for book jacket project!
  • CD assignment due Monday
  • Dream Montage: DUE EOD Monday
  • Snowboard Jayson– revise artist statement and re-pdf after you get teacher approval .Place PDF (smallest file size, titled your name_comp1) in workgroup/Snowboard Comp 1. After you place PDF in folder then print a copy and place in hand in box. (due before lunch)
  • Drawing Journals; due March 24th (required minimum average of one drawing per week. We are looking for depth + breadth + variety)

Past due: 

  • Drawing journals. Were due Wednesday. Put in hand in box. 

Upcoming dates:

  • Mar 2- 13: Student Council will be holding a money-raising competition for the Big Change Round Up
  • Friday, March 20th: 10:00 in the Auditorium – Guest Speaker, Colin Ryan

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