A| 02.18.15 |Wednesday


  • CCV dual enrollment proposal due BOD TODAY. If proposal is not in, you will be withdrawn from the class.
  • Fine Arts Night- who has not selected art? Today’s the day.
  • Hom & Sarah. lunch @ 11 am. leave @ 11:30 be by CTE main entrance (outside the Bakery & Cafe)
  • Reminder; sketchbook journal check in March 3, happy sketching
  • Colchester guidance appointments this morning: Nate 9:45, Dakota 10:00, Sarah 9:45
  • Student Council meeting today @ 12:00. The focus will be on fundraising and selling merchandise. Sandwiches will be provided for lunch.
  • CTE Student program visits are tomorrow afternoon from 12:45- 1:45 CAWD: Alexis Boyd, Tom DiCecco, Jonah Vita, Alex Brent, Griffen Wilcox. CHILDCARE: Hom
  • Any student planning on returning to CTE next year (even GD2) MUST do these two things; #1 complete a teacher recommendation form and give to your program instructor. #2 complete the CTE application. Both forms can be found in the tech center office
  • Tomorrow afternoon Graphic Design will be hosting visiting students, all of our students should plan on helping with our visitors

Lesson Plan: 

  • PS: Clone Stamp tool
  • Snowboard work day. First comp due EOD (student meetings: present profile, research brief and thumbnails to instructors; Jayson, Griffen)
  • If you finish your first comp early (complete with teacher approval) and are a college student… start working on your dual enrollment project, otherwise you will design a second board for the opposite demographic (your own gender)


  • Snowboard- final first comp due EOD Wednesday

Past due: 

  • Photoshop Brushes assignment due Monday. Print + turn in
  • Grafitti & Tattoo. Was due Friday. Check powerschool to see if you are missing it…. Print both and turn in

Upcoming dates:

  • Feb 23-27…. vacation

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