A| 02.18.15 |Wednesday (2nd year)


  • Reminder: CCV project proposals are due this morning.  (FYI: it is also drop day)
  • Fine Arts Night- choose your favorite piece to be showcased in the district art show, for real this time (today)
  • Meg + Keana: CWE

Projects/Assignments/Client Work:

10572 CTE Business Cards Chad 

  • Cari Papp needs BC. See Ms. Vaida for access to new spreadsheet

10573 CTE Logo Rebrand Meghan

  • See instructor

10571 VT Phil Family Concert poster/postcards Chad

  • finish printing + cutting.
  • email Susan Hoyt before EOD with a delivery update.

10570. HIM luncheon invitation Shauna.

  • send an email to client, suggest meeting times for the week we return from break. today

10568. GD 8th/9th grade recruitment postcards Meg.

  • print + cut + label
  • Prep/Submit folder for grading

10567. GD recruitment postcards (revisions only)  Chad.

  • print + cut + label

10566. Flower Show Poster & Ticket  Chad.

  • Prep/Submit folder for grading

10558. Girls Rock Vermont promotional postcard. Client: Linda Bassick. Shauna

  • get instructor feedback and finish comp

10508. Recognition Wayfinding Signage for Rink (large format). Client: Bob Travers. Chad

  • waiting for client response

10544. NTHS. Client: Sara Wilson. Meghan.

  • poster: waiting for client response
  • program: waiting for content

10552. Girls Can too. Client: Donna Robert. Keana

  • Waiting for client response.

10553. Guys Can too.  Client: Donna Robert. Keana.

  • Wait for client response before finishing.

10525 LF Prints. Sarah Knight. Meg

  • See email. On hold until client provides you more content.

10504. Pro Foods Rebranding. Client: John Barton. Logo due Q1. Chad.

  • see instructor to proof style guide
  • once approved send to client with logo files (send as jpg, png, pdf). In email ask about collateral materials (I am assuming they might need BC, letterhead, After the Bell labels. Also, they might need menu templates, and we discussed a duplexed leave behind this fall)

10514  Winooski Valley Park District posters. Meg

  • waiting for client feedback.

10513. Education Consulting Logo/Identity. Client: Mike Deweese. Keana

  • build letterhead and business card renditions, would like to send comps before break (Friday)

10550. CNS Print Materials. Client: Scott Fay. Shauna

  • make revision to business card and re-send to client
  • begin building letterhead
  • build sticker first comp due by Wednesday

10502. BT Trailer Decals. Client: Jim Gilmartin. Chad.

  • Design back of trailer- have instructor art direct
  • Make a prototype in Photoshop with each version.
  • Print out all three versions (both the flat design and the prototype) and then bring to Mr. Gilmartin to look at and choose.
  • Once we get confirmation on file, send file to Yipes for an estimate, see an instructor

10503. Non Trad Poster. Client: Lynn Vera/Bob Travers. Due date TBDKeana

  • Image adjustments on all images: lighten backgrounds and brighten people
  • We need to print/frame copies for the models.

Upcoming Dates

2.23 -2.27 Mid winter break


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