A| 02.12.15 |Thursday


  • Expectations and review of dismissal/lunch/break times
  • CCV dual enrollment proposal, it’s never too early to submit your proposal for instructor review. Withdrawal deadline is Weds Feb. 18th.
  • NTHS essays due EOD next Monday
  • Fine Arts Night- select one piece of art work to enter into the district art show by EOD Friday.  Place in hand in box marked Arts Night
  • BHS visits
  • Reminder; sketchbook journal check in March 3

Lesson Plan: 

  • ThinkStock downloads: 1) You must have a signed sticky note before requesting image downloads 2) You may only download 1-2 at a time. Be aware that there is a 25 download maximum per day. 3) Remember we have an inventory of photos that we already own. Take a look! groups/workgroups/Thinkstock
  • Snowboard meetings: students present snowboard designs to instructors
  • PS Blending Modes: graffitti + tattoos (after break)
  • Snowboard concept due: EOD Today


Past due: 

Upcoming dates:

  • Friday Feb 1…. 3rd quarter progress period ends
  • Feb 23-27…. vacation

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