A| 02.10.15 |Tuesday


  • Burton Tour tomorrow. Be ready to go– 9:40 am sharp, professional dress, student IDs on hand.
  • CCV dual enrollment proposal, it’s never too early to submit your proposal for instructor review. Withdrawal deadline is Weds Feb. 18th.
  • NTHS essays due EOD next Monday
  • Juniors who would like to visit another program– let us know today.
  • Bus update: the buses will pick up in front of the rink.
  • Who’s ready for a new perspective on the world? (or at least in this classroom…)
  • Fine Arts Night- select one piece of art work to enter into the district art show by EOD Friday.
  • English at 11:15 am.
  • Jayson: laptop

Lesson Plan: 

  • Design Journal: monthly check. First collection March 2nd.
  • Work time.


Past due: 

  • A16- Music Philosophy: Music Philosophy. Poster- print two copies, one cut (tabloid oversize) /one uncut with marks/bleeds on tabloid. Motion Graphic: render as mp4. Was Due: EOD yesterday (unless you have an extension; student visits/absence/other)
  • see gradebook

Upcoming dates:

  • Thursday Feb 12…. BHS visits
  • Friday Feb 1…. 3rd quarter progress period ends
  • Feb 23-27…. vacation

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