B| 02.09.15 |Monday


  • CCV Dual enrollment proposal reminder….it’s never too early to submit your proposal for instructor review
  • Thank you all who helped make Open House a success!
  • Juniors who would like to visit another program must sign up with Ms. Vera by Friday.

Lesson Plan: 

  • Seriously, stop using your smartphone in bed.
  • Snowboard project:  View student board design. Review project requirements/design brief (riding style: add backcountry). Update on client involvement. Work on research/concept/thumbnails– timetrack(!)
  • Photoshop: Making Composite Images…. Reviewing selections, masks + layers, adjustment layers, clipping masks, transformation tools.


Past due: 

  • A16- Music Philosophy: Music Philosophy. Poster- print two copies, one cut (tabloid oversize) /one uncut with marks/bleeds on tabloid. Motion Graphic: render as mp4. Was Due: EOD yesterday (unless you have an extension; student visits/absence/other)
  • see gradebook

Upcoming dates:

  • 2.11.15 Burton snowboard factory tour

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