Color Palette Assignment

Resource: Design Basic Index, pages 214-217

Create and expand a simple image using image trace. The vector illustration must contain more than one shape (somewhere between 3-5 is ideal), so that you can apply different colors.

You will copy and paste the vector onto a new 11×17 artboard and make multiple colored versions using custom color palettes based on the formal relationships of the color wheel. Write the name of each color palette on the artboard.

For each palette, you will custom mix and name swatches and save them in a color swatch folder in the swatches panel. This will allow you to use color guide to alter the color using value and saturation (brightness)

#1: Monochromatic, Triad, Analogous, Complementary, Split Complementary. Label each one.

#2: Using Saturation, Value (Brightness), make TWO variations on each relationship listed above. Try to use saturation and value to control the color combinations you have created and to emphasize different parts. sample for color harmony assignment-02

You should have a total of 15 Illustrations. 


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