Interested in College Classes this summer?

If you are completing sophomore or junior year and are interested in taking Intro to College Studies this summer, you can pick up the information and instructions for registration in Student Services. This class is free and no accuplacer test is required.

If you want to attend a mtg to hear more about this class, come to the conference room on Friday April 11 at 10:00 a.m.(not required- just helpful)
If you are a junior or senior and you think you are ready to take an actual college class this summer, you need to have Accuplacer scores, and figure out what class you want to take. Every student can take 1 or 2 free classes at a local college before graduation from high school. See Mrs Curtis or Ms Vera to set up a time to take accuplacer if you have not done that, and then search for classes and then see Mrs Curtis to tell her what you are thinking about.

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