Sketchbook | Rhythm (using shape + line)

Rhythm is a design principle that uses patterns and repetition to create movement throughout the composition.

Rhythm is a pattern that is created by repeating or varying elements, with consideration given to the space between them, and by establishing a sense of movement from one element to another.” (p. 55, in the orange book)



Using line and shape as your elements, create an interesting abstract pattern that fills the page. Try to create the illusion of depth, by using curves, overlapping lines/shapes and contrast between lights and darks. Using a range of pencil hardnesses to get a range of values.

  • 4B: softest lead/darkest mark
  • 2B
  • B
  • HB
  • 2H
  • 4H: hardest lead/lightest mark


6 thoughts on “Sketchbook | Rhythm (using shape + line)

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